Flawless Fake Tan

Posted by Linda Nolan on Friday, March 11, 2016 Under: Beauty
Pale might be interesting but who doesn't want a gentle golden glow this time of year, especially when the weather is so cold and grey.

Here's our guide to faking it.

In the days leading up to your tan carry out the following steps - preparation is the key to the perfect faux glow.

  • Exfoliate.  Applying fake tan to dry, flaky skin will lead to a patchy tan.  Gentle exfoliation, getting rid of all those dead skin cells, will give you a longer lasting, even tan.
  • Moisturise.  Pay attention to knees, ankles, feet and elbows.  
  • Hair removal.  Wax or shave 24 hours before tanning.  This will help prevent any colour getting trapped in the hair follicle and any irritation.
  • Wear loose, dark clothing after your tan.
  • We recommend you leave on overnight and shower the guide colour off in the morning, but if you're doing it yourself, check the manufacturers guidelines.
  • On the day of your appointment, no body lotion, deodorant, perfume, and try to avoid a moisturising Shower Gel - the residue can lead to uneven fading.  Again, if you're doing it yourself, check the guidelines.
Now you are ready to glow, but it doesn't end there.  If you want to keep looking golden and gorgeous you'll need to moisturise daily and reapply weekly.

Now all you need to do is book an appointment for a Flawless Fake Tan

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