Perfectly Polished

Posted by Linda Nolan on Thursday, May 28, 2015
Did the recent sunshine have you reaching for your summer sandals, only to take a look at your feet and promptly put them away again.  Hmm, time for an overhaul. 

Give your feet to our Perfectly Polished Pedicure Experience, your tootsies will be buffed, scrubbed, clipped and nipped to an inch of their life using the the Jessica Zen Spa Pedicure range.  

Once your hard skin has been attacked, toe nails cut and cuticles tidied, only then will they receive a heavenly foot and calf massage.  And, while you're relaxing with a cooling and hydrating foot massage your Therapist will treat you to a Stress-Away Scalp Massage.  Your feet will be left silky smooth and your toes polished to perfection.