Why do I need a Skin Test For Hair colour?

You've probably been having your hair coloured for years and wonder why you’ve been asked to call into the salon for a Skin Test before your colour appointment.

Most permanent hair colours contains a chemical called PPD which is known to trigger sensitivity in some cases.

A reaction to hair colour can range from itchy scalp to a severe inflammation of the area in contact with the colour, scalp, neck, forehead, ears and eyes, and in an extreme and very rare case, anaphylaxis.

We know that you’re busy and it’s inconvenient, and yes, you can probably find another salon that will colour your hair without having a Skin Test.  But, we believe it’s our duty to do everything we can to protect you, and putting profit above your safety - it's a no brainer!  Although an allergic reaction is extremely unusual, we just don’t think it’s worth the risk.

It’ll only take a few minutes of your time, there’s no need to book an appointment for this, although if you’re new to the salon we like to combine it with a Consultation, that way you get to meet your Stylist prior to your appointment and have an opportunity to have a chat about your hair and discuss exactly what you what prior to your appointment.

What does a Skin Test involve?

You'll need to come into the Salon at least 48 hours prior to your Colour appointment.  We'llask you a few questions and pop a small amount of colour behind your ear.   You'll probably forget all about it and then you'll be fine to attend your appointment. 

Why do you need to know if I've had a Black Henna Tattoo?

The so-called ‘black henna’ temporary tattoos usually contain PPD.  EU law prohibits PPD to be used directly on the skin in this way and  there have been cases where temporary tattoos containing PPD have caused skin damage.  The use of the chemical in the tattoo may sensitise you, so always tell your hairdresser if you have had one or avoid them altogether.

Can I sign a disclaimer?

Unfortunately no, your safety is our priority and our aim is to provide you with the protection you need to avoid any problems, discomfort etc.

I’ve been having colour for years, why do I need a skin test now?

Not all colours are the same, so just to be on the safe side we’ll need to perform a Skin Test if you haven't had colour with us before or within the last six months.  Some people can develop sensitivity to products out of the blue. 

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